Hyderabad, Do You Think You Are Really Fit?

It’s true that 40% of the people in Hyderabad are unfit. Try FitsApp, a fully customised mobile app that helps you become fitter and healthier. .

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What’s FitsApp?
Not just an App it’s a Solution

That helps you fight all the health problems your body get due to lack of exercise and makes the whole ‘Going to Gym’ thing very organised.

But what exactly happens to your body if you don’t exercise?

Heart Diseases

More than 23% of the population is suffering from several heart diseases. Surprisingly, 90% of them are less than 70 years of age

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Excess body weight is a primary issue of every other person. Blame the lack of exercise, even kids have obesity these days.

Anxiety & Depression

Not many knows but lack of exercise have a direct effect on anxiety levels. Also to fight depression, many doctors suggest minimum exercise.

Blood Pressure

With all the stressful life and work that a person has to handle in today’s time, young people are prone to blood pressure problem..

Why still you avoid exercising?

Can’t Find Time to Exercise

Its noted that 7 out of 10 people don't exercise because they don’t have a fixed time to dedicate.

It's Costly to Try or Experiment

Gym fees are not a piece of cake for all to afford & hence many people avoid exercise..

Can’t find Right Gym or Trainer

Many fitness enthusiast people drops out of the gym because they aren’t happy either with gym or trainer (or both).

Die Alone But Not Workout

Gyms are made of ‘Gym Buddies’. Therefore no gym if there’s no partner for gym.

Hyderabad has a good number of gyms but still what’s stopping people to exercise? Stats says,

  • 52% of people do not have time to exercise
  • 36% lack motivation to join a fitness centre
  • 12% are clueless about where to begin their fitness journey
  • Now it is the time to rework on the number in these stats.

    But how? With all these problems by our side, what could be the possible solution?


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